Student Resources - Learning guides, agencies and internships

This page is designed to be a collection of resources for Philly area students, including links to internship pages, training guides and further reading. Enjoy!

Educational Resources

Google Partners Center (PPC, Analytics) - One of the best things a student can do to give themselves a leg up is to get AdWords certified. The Google Partners Center offers a myriad of educational resources which helps students learn the very basics, and some very advanced topics. Certification is free, and there are easy to follow learning guides for each channel.

Stukent - Stukent was recently founded by my good friend Stu Draper after he noticed the low quantity (and quality) of material available across the web. It's a tremendous resource that allows students to run trials across digital mediums (think the stock market game from high school). There's resources available for teachers and students alike, as well as a nice scholarship for college entrepreneurs.

GirlDevelopIt (PPC, SEO & others) - This organization was designed to teach the basics of development and marketing to women (though fear not, there's plenty of men attendees as well). Courses are taught by hand selected instructors, and are held about quarterly. My good friend Emma Still leads the SEO course, and Ally Malick teaches PPC. 

DistilledU (SEO) - Distilled, one of the premier SEO agencies in the world, created a full learning center called DistilledU, where you can learn from some of the best. It's not free, but from what I've heard, it's worth it. 

Online Marketing Institute (All channels) - Tons of videos and courses prepared by industry experts for you to watch on demand. The also offer certifications if you're interested.

Twitter Chats! (SEOchat, PPCchat) - Here's the thing about us digital folks. We're social butterflies, and we will share the best of everything we've got on twitter for all to see. Follow the hashtags for the industries you're interested in, and see what folks are talking about. If you have a question, tag it as well; chances are a dozen people will leap at the opportunity to help.

Greater Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agencies

This list isn't meant to be comprehensive, but rather it's a list of agencies that I've interacted with in the past. If you're interested in working at any of these places, feel free to reach out to them directly or I'd be happy to make an introduction as well. For the purposes of this exercise, a small agency is under 20 people, mid sized is 21-100 and large is...large! 


EliteSEM (my employer!) - Mid sized agency spread across the country, with a team of 10 or so in Philly. Focused primarily on performance media (PPC and Display), with growing SEO and media teams

Razorfish Healthware (& Digitas Health) - Enterprise level international full service agency, focused primarily in pharma and consumer packaged goods.

Communications Media, Inc (CMI ) - Large full service agency with a focus on pharma. Justin Freid (a good friend) heads up search there, and the team is growing fast! 

SEER Interactive - Mid sized agency headquartered in Northern Liberties, with an office in San Diego. Heavy focus on search (SEO, PPC) with a small analytics team

NetPlus - mid-sized full service digital agency, based in midtown east.

160over90 - mid-sized full service digital agency, located on Broad Street.

Stream Companies - mid sized full service digital agency with a heavy focus on lead generation and nurturing

DMi Partners - Small agency focused primarily on lead generation from various channels including SEO, PPC and Affiliate marketing.

Western & Northern Suburbs

eBay Enterprise - Large full service digital agency, based in King of Prussia with offices in New York and San Francisco. Client base is heavily weighted towards e-commerce.

The Agency Inside (Harte-Hanks) - Large full service digital agency with an office in Yardley. Largely focused on pharma and large brands

Geary/LSF - Large international agency, focused on enterprise clients. Large office in Conshohocken

Harmelin Media - Traditionally a media buying agency, though they're moving more and more into digital working both on media buys and search campaigns. They're headquartered in Bala Cynwynd, just outside of the city. 

SEOM Interactive - Small agency in Warminster, focused on SEO and PPC services for small to mid-sized businesses. Mark, the founder, is a frequent guest at SEO Grail.

Delphic Digital - Small but growing full service agency based in Manayunk. - Small agency in Levittown, focused primarily on SEO for small business. They also have a growing PPC team to support clients needs as they grow. 

Annodyne - Small full service digital agency based in Blue Bell.

Meetups & Networking Events

Philadelphia Interactive Marketing Associataion (PhIMA)

PhIMA has a variety of meetups, panels and happy hours over the course of the year, generally to the tune of one a month. The events are usually free or very low cost, and are a great venue to rub elbows with the Philly tech community.

SEO Grail

This series of meetups is hosted once a month, and features a rotating cast of characters and topics. It's run by Bill Rowland (a good friend of mine) and has some of the smartest folks in Philly. Topics may be a bit on the advanced side, but they're friendly people and LOVE to help out those getting started in the industry.

Philly Ad Club

The ad club isn't typically known for it's foray into digital, but it does often feature some of the largest brands and traditional agencies in the Philly area. Some great panels are featured, more and more of which touch on digital.

Philadelphia Area New Media Association (PANMA)

PANMA hosts events on about a monthly basis in areas across the city, touching on just about everything digital (not just marketing). The topics vary greatly, but are always interesting and educational.

Social Media Club Philly (SMC Philly)

SMC Philly meets the least of the groups noted, but are some of the friendliest and smartest. Keep an eye on the site (and follow them on Twitter) to learn when the meetups will be held.